PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 by Susan Shumsky in INSTANT HEALING

“Have you ever considered that what you believe to be truth is not really truth? Your perception of reality might be skewed by false beliefs, habits, conditions, and patterns. Voices of parents, teachers, family, friends, peers, coworkers, pastors, rabbis, priests, gurus, psychics, doctors, psychologies, counselors, society, the media, and the collective human consciousness have all brainwashed you to believe as you do.

Therefore, how you perceive yourself is colored by the window through which you gaze. That window might be clear, pristine, and colorless, or any color in the rainbow. Who you think you are is not who you really are. For you are bound by illusions and false perceptions. Even the great on the mountaintop has a body, and anyone dwelling in physical form is, by definition, in avidya (ignorance), or at the very least lesh avidya (faint remains of ignorance).”

Susan Shumsky, in “Instant Healing”

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