BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 by Stuart Wilde in THE QUICKENING

“The power needed to accelerate you past your current state is great indeed and the more stripped of emotion you are, the less opinions you hold, the less rigidity you create, then the more your ability to break out of the gravitational grip of the “collective” consciousness is enhanced by the lightness of your load. You can’t be different and hold the same feelings as the mass of people.

To establish that difference you need to create an emotional barrier between yourself and the world. It is a psychic demarcation zone through which no emotion will pass. It becomes the buffer between you and life’s circumstances. This buffer is developed in several ways. First, you pull away from the desires and attachments that you have about your own life. You voice no opinion. You just accept reality as you find it, internalize it and own it even if you do not like it. This does not mean you cannot change things if you wish, it just means that the way things are, is the way they are, and you have to be able to accept that.

Any negative yearning that you have about your life serves only as an affirmation of weakness and locks you in. Nowadays, people insist that everything be perfect, safe, comfortable and convenient and so often life is not any of these. The Warrior-Sage accepts discomfort and pain and rides on, regardless. His life is not regulated by having to have this or that. He does not demand that conditions be perfect, or even to his/her liking. He learns to be stay centered whatever the circumstances. By not reacting to your surroundings and by ignoring the emotional gyrations of others, you empower yourself from within.”

Stuart Wilde, in “The Quickening”

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