BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, March 27th, 2015 by Michael Tamura in YOU ARE THE ANSWER

“When you find yourself judging others harshly, remember that your upset is not about them. It’s about you not being able to forgive and love yourself because you are holding that judgment inside of you. If in the past you were humiliated for being “stupid,” then you might create judgments against stupidity in order to cover your invalidation and loss of love for having been “stupid” yourself. You end up blaming “stupid” for your pain. Those who fit that same judgment of “stupid’ threaten to reopen you to the pain within YOU, so you chase them away by judging THEM. Let it be all right that someone once judged you, for it’s really that person’s problem to solve not yours. Those who create judgments must live with them and endure their consequences, not those who are the target of judgment.”

Michael J. Tamura, in “You Are the Answer”

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