PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 by Lisette Larkins in DIFFICULT PEOPLE

“Difficult people are not limited to those in your family or work environment. DPs are everywhere. They are the rude waiter, your ex-husband, the abrupt flight attendant, your troublesome brother-in-law, or your child’s schoolteacher. Whoever bothers you, by word or deed, is your DP. In addition, whatever behavior of yours that bothers you can be now identified as that of your own inner DP. Every day, almost without exception, yet another person’s behavior, language, action, or style will be considered abrasive by you.

Sometime, sooner or later, you will become irritated by someone who is “getting under your skin.” When you find yourself disapproving of someone – or even yourself – meet your new guru. A stellar opportunity in which to grow spiritually has finally presented itself. This recognition is the moment for which your soul has long been waiting.

Once resistance to problems and DPs dissolves, ironically, every area of your life actually improves. This is the ultimate spiritual paradox and the demonstration that the Source of Life really does have a sense of humor after all.”

Lisette Larkins, in “Difficult People”

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