PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 by Russell Kyle in AWAKENED LIVING

“Practice humility. Humility is not to think less of yourself, only to see yourself not greater than anyone else. Humility opens way for Good and truth. Yet on the flip side there is pride, and the truth about pride is that pride lies.

Pride tells us that if we are ourselves then people won’t like who we are and we will be seen as less than others. So we put on the pride mask. Pride lies. In truth there is a sense when someone is not being themselves and it backs people away. When feeling better than or even less than others, pride boils up, pride boasts. It then promises that the other will be impressed by its boasting. Pride lies. In truth others are annoyed and they feel pushed down or maybe less then themselves, and so pride goes to work in them too; the vicious cycle of ego wars and us as our ego’s puppets.

On the other hand humility reminds us that we have nothing to prove or show off, in fact humility only wants to lift and love others. People are attracted to this. We all can sense when someone is being there genuine selves; we are drawn and comfortable around these people. Our humility can tame the pride in another, and with all pride out of a relationship the relationship is divine.

Within ourselves humility states to oneself that I have much to learn. Humility is teachable and open, light, and easy. It is soft spoken and kind. It is the open door to our soul. Practice humility.”

Russell Kyle, in “Awakened Living: A Practical Guide to the Spiritual Life”

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