PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 by Russell Kyle in AWAKENED LIVING

“Many times, without knowing, when resisting reality or change, we resist the very thing working in our highest direction. Because of our judgments or preconceived ideas on what is best for us, or what works for us, we unknowingly push all else aside. Everything that doesn’t seem to fit into our “What’s best for me” mold is rejected and pushed aside. We leave no room for anything new, fresh or different. We leave no room for even that which we already have to expand or grow. We stunt our growth by choosing to hold on to our old beliefs and ways of what we think is best for us and best for others.

We must let go of these beliefs behind our thinking in order to allow change. We continually grow, and awaken to life, as we continually let go of our old points of view, making room for new ones, from old ways of doing things to new ones. The let go is to set aside the hard-headedness, fears, convictions, and pride, releasing blame and the struggle to control, thus making room for a new and a more satisfying way of experiencing life. Letting go is to stop resisting all, to become flexible, open-minded, and teachable.”

Russell Kyle, in “Awakened Living: A Practical Guide to the Spiritual Life”

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