BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, July 13th, 2015 by Dr. Stephen Russell in BAREFOOT DOCTOR’S GUIDE TO THE TAO

“Nobody knows when the world will end. It may end tomorrow, next week, or never. Everything is in a state of flux. This is nothing new, it has always been so.

Instead of worrying and lamenting, rejoice. Rejoice in supreme gratitude for the magnificent thrill of every moment, however strenuous or weird that moment may be. This does not mean you should walk around in ignorance of the dangers facing you on this planet at this present time, but simply that you don’t let that prevent you from being fully alert and able to respond effectively, appropriately, and cheerfully to whatever’s happening in the present moment at this time.

At times, fear of the danger, sadness at the needless destruction and despair at the suffering will inevitably overwhelm you. At these times apply yourself with redoubled vigor to doing everything you can to preserve an nurture life, and as you do that, rejoice, i.e., literally feel joy again. It’s the only thing for a (spiritual) warrior to do.”

Stephen Russell, in “Barefoot Doctor’s Guide to the TAO”

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