BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, August, 14th, 2015 by Dr. Stephen Russell in BAREFOOT DOCTOR’S GUIDE TO THE TAO

“Making pronouncements is like casting spells, as in spelling out your thought in word form. You always have the choice between seeing a situation, yours or someone else’s, in a positive or negative light. If a friend tells you her story, and you choose to see it in a negative light and make a negative pronouncement based on that view, this is tantamount to cursing her. Medical doctors often do this inadvertently by mistakenly pronouncing someone incurable, i.e., cursing them, thereby sabotaging the patient’s recuperative power.

If, on the other hand, you choose to see that situation in a positive light and make your pronouncement accordingly, this is tantamount to blessing them. So if someone comes to you complaining of her knee pain, telling her she’ll never walk again is a curse, whereas telling her you see her hiking up a mountain in six months time is a blessing.

When people inadvertently curse you in this way, on account of their own negative bent, be sure to counter it with an affirmation of your own. For example, your friend says, “You’ll never achieve that,” and rather than letting that negativity be the final command to the universe, you counter, “I can achieve anything I choose to.”

Stephen Russell, in “Barefoot Doctor’s Guide to the TAO”

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