BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 by White Eagle in THE PATH OF THE SOUL

“Many successful people – the good, religious people as well as the materially-minded – are tempted to believe that their success is entirely due to themselves. They think how clever they are! They forget that without the help and blessing of God nothing can be accomplished. Not through man alone but by the will of God do conditions arise in a human life destined to give the soul opportunities to serve God.

Many worldly people become intoxicated with their own material success, and this can also happen on the spiritual path. People can become charged with spiritual pride, inwardly thinking how good they are and how nice they are to know! They have indeed been carried up into a high mountain.

When the soul is thus raised, the tempter, which is the lower self, now whispers, “How wonderful I am! It is “I” who have attained this spiritual height. “I” have made this progress – all by myself!” But the soul who would triumph over these three temptations must know that whatever it achieves spiritually, it is of itself nothing and can do nothing; and that all the good that is in it is of God.”

White Eagle, in “The Path of the Soul”

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