BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, September 14th, 2015 by Stuart Wilde in INFINITE SELF

“You have to think of yourself as a bank account of energy. How much are you paying out, and what is your return on effort? Sometimes you’ll see that the potential upside in a particular situation is very limited, and the possible downside might include defeat, ruin, ill health, loss of a valued friendship, or suffering of some kind or another. So don’t be obstinate. When faced with obstacles, work your way around them, or wait patiently; sometimes the obstacle disappears or melts away in time. Use your brain, not your skull. There is no heroism in whacking things with your head. That’s dumb.

Trust your feelings, ask, and watch the signs all around you. You’ll know how hard to try, when it’s right to push a little harder, and when it’s best to pull back. It’s in the constant asking of questions that you logically don’t know the answer to that you empower your inner guidance.”

Stuart Wilde, in “Infinite Self”

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