BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, September 25th, 2015 by Dan Millman in THE LAWS OF SPIRIT

“What you see depends upon where you choose to look, and where you look depends upon what you expect to see: If you believe, for example, that ‘people can’t be trusted,’ you’ll see the world through the filter of this expectation and find evidence that supports it. Your beliefs influence the choices you make, the directions you take, even the friends, adversaries, and destiny you meet. Your beliefs set into motion inner processes and behaviors that influence how you move, act, and feel.

On more subtle levels, your thoughts even affect the size and color of your energy field, to which other people respond. If, for example, you perceive the people around you as friends who like you, you feel relaxed and expansive; your energy and behavior draw them to you. This is one way your expectations shape your reality.”

Dan Millman, in “The Laws of Spirit”

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