BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 by Michael Tamura in YOU ARE THE ANSWER

“What may appear a problem to one person may be a challenge to another and to yet another, it may offer a great opportunity. What some may experience as a curse, others consider a miracle. One of us might respond lovingly to a particular person while another turns away in disgust. Each of us responds differently in every situation. In this way, we forge the unique paths that we each travel to the same destination.

Like a basketball player constantly practicing one kind of shot until he can consistently make the basket, we keep giving ourselves the opportunities to refine our responses to the same situation, same kind of person or the same type of energy. Did you ever notice that you keep running into the same type of person in your relationships or into the same kind of work situations until you learn to manage them correctly? Once you learn your lesson and are no longer in resistance, that type of person or situation seems to magically fade out of your life except in passing.”

Michael J. Tamura, in “You Are the Answer”

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