PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 by J.M. Harrison in YOU ARE THIS

“Like the stars in the Universe, there are innumerable possibilities of what You can be and do in the world, so why construct a fake version of what THIS is in your mind? Be Your Self. Each Soul has a unique ‘song’ and it is THIS which benefits the Whole. It may be that you are a great Mother or Father who does a fantastic job supporting your family. Perhaps you make chairs, or write for the local newspaper, or maybe You grow and share the most delicious vegetables. Whatever it is, it will be an embodiment of the Soul, and exemplify who You are. You will not need praise and societal acceptance that THIS is something ‘special’ or ‘worthwhile’ for the underlying peace and loving nature of it will reveal its true power. It is simply the Authentic blending of what You do and who You are, and with the power of Love you’ll give it everything You have and more.

Whatever you do from Soulness will be recognisable.  Action from the Soul will be unique and contain Authentic qualities. You will not be copying another, or carrying out a specific role to ‘look good’ or to make money. You will be doing it because it’s true to You. It will be done from Love, and THIS is how You experience and express THIS love. It has universal reason and purpose, for it is the earthly expression of all You are.”

J.M. Harrison, in “YOU are THIS”

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