PONDER on THIS for Thursday, December 24th, 2015 by Sara Chetkin in THE HEALING CURVE

“The intellect is governed by the ego, and the ego is bound by fear. We don’t usually uncover a truth about ourselves in the absence of fear or insecurity. In fact, many times when you encounter an individual who has experienced a true transformation of self or a true healing, they usually have stories of overcoming fear. They often talk about the ridicule they endured and the loneliness they felt as they pursued a certain course of action. But always inside they were propelled forward, against all resistance. Ever ignoring their own trepidation, they continued forward. I once asked a friend, who seemed so confident and daring to me, how she was able to go through life with no fear. She told me she had a lot of fear, but she always chose to ignore it. “Otherwise,” she said, “I would never do anything with my life.”

Sara Chetkin, in “The Healing Curve”

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