PONDER on THIS for Thursday, January 7th, 2016 by Paul Selig in THE BOOK OF MASTERY

“Now we say these words to you intentionally: The requirement for change at this level of incarnation is to bless all that you see. Hear these words: What you bless, you lift; what you damn, what you curse, you cast out.

Now when you cast something out, you align it to the darkness and there has been a teaching that things should be cast to the darkness for the good of all. But what is cast to the darkness grows in force, and the intention of the darkness, as you understand it, is to cast a shadow to preclude the light, to stand in its own defiance.

When you lift something to the light, you give it the opportunity to heal. When you cast something into the darkness, you actually give it power. So the intention to damn anything you see, to put it outside of God, is actually to empower it. Blessing all that you see, even when it disguises itself in great fear, will support you in aligning to the light that will dispel the darkness.”

Paul Selig, in “The Book of Mastery”

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