BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, January 15th, 2016 by Alan Cohen in DARE TO BE YOURSELF

“Never underestimate the importance or power of your dreams. Our dreams are actually much closer to reality than the world we usually accept as real. The Chinese Patriarch Chuang-Tsu told his students, “In a dream I saw myself as a giant butterfly. Now I am not so sure if I am Chuang-Tsu dreaming I was a butterfly, or I am a butterfly dreaming I am Chuang-Tsu.”

Be careful not to allow the world to convince you that your dreams are not valid. Often when someone tells us to “get real,” what they are really saying is, “get limited.” Like those around Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Jesus, and so many saints, sages, and seers throughout history, many people are threatened by one who presses against and beyond the edges of the reality into which they have gotten comfortable. But if there is a bigger world to live in, then why not go out and find it?”

Alan Cohen, in “Dare to Be Yourself”

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