BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, January 25th, 2016 by Dan Millman in LIVING ON PURPOSE

“Our deeds, both positive and negative, resonate within us and within the world. Those who commit crimes that remain undiscovered or unsolved—and who seem to escape consequences for their actions, cannot escape the Watcher who sees all. For some, this Watcher is God. But whether or not one believes in divine justice, we are always watching ourselves. And our level of self-worth—how much we believe we deserve—has a powerful impact on our fortunes.

When we behave with kindness and compassion, in a spirit of service, our self-worth rises and we open our hearts to life’s blessings. When we behave poorly or hurtfully, it cannot escape our notice. I have seen, again and again, that such actions ultimately generate some form of self-sabotage, limitation, or suffering.”

Dan Millman, in “Living on Purpose”

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