BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 by E.J. Michael in QUEEN OF THE SUN

“It is good to listen. If you learn to listen carefully, without always passing judgment, you will enter into the very heart of the creature to whom you give attention. You will begin to grow the flowers of your soul. Then all of nature will whisper to you her secrets.”

E.J. Michael, in “Queen of the Sun”

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“If you don’t want to have a certain thing in your life, then stop thinking about it, pass this particular thing by indifferently, and it will disappear from your life. To throw something out from your life does not mean you should avoid it, but simply ignore it. To avoid something means to allow it passage into your life, but at the same time actively try to free yourself from it. To ignore something means not to react to it in any way and, consequently, not to have it in your life. Imagine that you are a radio receiver. Every day you wake up and listen to a station that you really hate that is the world around you. So, just tune yourself into a different frequency!”

Vadim Zeland, in “Reality Transurfing 1”

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