PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 by John Selby in EXPAND THIS MOMENT

“We have great difficulty accepting ourselves just as we are, because we’re afraid that who we are right now isn’t good enough. Even tentatively entertaining the thought of accepting ourselves as we are can feel threatening. The New Age movement, built on the premise that we are not okay as we are but must constantly work to improve ourselves on all levels is a prominent example.

Look at this closely: we have an ingrained fear that, if we decide to honor and love ourselves just as we are, we’ll lose our motivation for chronically pushing ourselves to get ahead in life. And we deeply fear this motivation. We worship success and advancement – and we judge the present moment itself as not good enough. But is this true?

Aren’t we capable of enjoying life as it is right now? Must we make things better before we can ease up and enjoy ourselves?”

John Selby, in “Expand this Moment”

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