PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 by Paul Ferrini in THE SILENCE OF THE HEART

“If you see a beggar, don’t be taken in. Ask him instead, “Why are you standing here begging on this street corner, Oh great one?” Let him know that you see who he really is. Look into his eyes and see his divinity with your own, and then ask him how you can be of help.

You see, powerlessness is a great disguise. Look behind the veil and say “I remember you brother.” Don’t just give the beggar money and walk on without acknowledging him. If you wish to give him money, do so. But do not pass by without acknowledging him. For it is not money he needs, but your love, your blessing, your acknowledgment.”

Paul Ferrini, in “The Silence of the Heart”

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