PONDER on THIS for Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 by Dr. Stephen Russell in BAREFOOT DOCTOR’S GUIDE TO THE TAO

“Money is merely a form of energy/chi. A measure of money equates to a measure of chi. There is nothing intrinsically wrong or right about money. It is merely an energy-measuring device, hence why it’s called currency, i.e., current, literally, that which runs/flows (like water)…Money is not the root of all evil. It cannot be; it’s only an idea we’ve all agreed to believe in. It has no intrinsic value of its own. It’s a myth. Money is merely a harmless measuring device we use to expedited energy exchange between individuals and groups, which otherwise would become too unwieldy to manage, owing to the high numbers of people interacting.

Greed is the root of all evil. Greed arises from the mistaken belief or fear that there exists a fundamental shortage of energy/chi, the limited supply of which is depleted every time you give it away. Hence, for you to gain, someone else has to lose. Whereas, in reality, the more energy/chi you use, the more you generate. In basic terms, the more money you have the more you’ll be circulating.”

Stephen Russell, in “Barefoot Doctor’s Guide to the TAO”

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