BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, July 25th, 2016 by Stuart Wilde in AFFIRMATIONS

“Usually when a person’s energy falls, they begin to pull on you in some way. The trick is to support them without letting them pull you out of control.  This means dealing with them unemotionally, standing back somewhat, and helping them raise their energy once more.

The problem is that we are taught to use emotion to get what we want, and so we tend to impose that on others, even if our request is not always reasonable. This is particularly true of family and friends. In those relationships, we have a greater ability to manipulate and to be manipulated in return. I think it is possible to deal equitably with the loved ones around you without being pulled into a morass of obligation and duties that may not serve you…The point is this that if you enjoy following the family rituals, then do them, but also allow yourself the latitude to give up on occasions when they do not suit your purpose.”

Stuart Wilde, in “Affirmations”

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