PONDER on THIS for Thursday, August 25th, 2016 by Wayne W. Dyer in wISDOM OF THE AGES

“When you are born into this world your work is born with you. You have been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work was put into your heart at the moment you showed up here. If you are unable to feel connected to that purpose because you have opted to do something that you don’t love, regardless of how all that got stared or what keeps you there today, you can benefit greatly by listening to the poetic advice of the great Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran. Whatever risks are involved, your humanity, your soul itself is at stake.

I know how easy it is to reject this advice. We all can find many practical and solid reasons for being unable to do what we love, but the message of the poet will never be silenced. “All work is empty save where there is love.” If you want to feel empty, and sacrifice the music of your soul in non-love every day in the name of practicality, then you have made a choice to abandon your specific purpose in this life…I suggest that you shift to doing first and foremost what you love, what your soul prompts you to do, and see if the money doesn’t follow.”

Wayne W. Dyer, in “Wisdom of the Ages”

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