BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, August 29th, 2016 by Hugh Prather

“When we recognize that nothing has to go right for us to be happy, that people do not have to behave for us to love them, our walk home can become surprisingly simple. We have enormous power not to manipulate the world, but to be happy and know peace. The secret to finding God is understanding that there is no great spiritual attainment that must come first. Anyone who wants to feel God’s presence will feel God’s presence.

How people develop their awareness of God, the methods they use, is almost irrelevant, because each person will have a sense of how best to proceed. With some it can start through meditation. Others may use a traditional form of prayer. Some will feel God’s presence through service to a particular group by doing no more than committing themselves to their spouses, their children, their families. When we look into our hearts and ask, “How can I begin to experience my goodness?  How can I make the effort today to be the kind of person I want to be?” we will have some sense of how to begin, and that sense will be sufficient.”

Hugh Prather, in an essay entitled, “Walking Home”

Hugh Prather, in an essay entitled, “Walking Home”

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