PONDER on THIS for Thursday, September 1st, 2016 by Stuart Wilde in THE LITTLE MONEY BIBLE

“Being light-hearted is angelic, and being angelic is being infinite. And being infinite is easier that being stuck with a bunch of boring grownups who fret over their investments, and who strut and work hard to pay out money for stuff that doesn’t make them happy. If you are suffering from negative emotions or pain, internalize it and work on it on your own. Do not project it onto others. You have to be responsible and own your own pain. Sure you can talk about it to a therapist, or you can share your troubles with a friend, but in the end you are your pain. It’s personal to you. You don’t have a right to project it onto others, leaking anger and disquiet, spoiling their energy by dolloping your stuff upon them. That’s bad karma, as is manipulation, vengeance, and nastiness.”

Stuart Wilde, in “The Little Money Bible”

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