PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 by Paul Selig in THE BOOK OF MASTERY

“The dilemma you face, when you see things you do not like, is to assume that they are not of the Creator, and you create a dilemma for yourself because you cannot believe in a God that would allow suffering, or the abandonment of children, or murder, or war. The evils you speak to are actually mankind acting in his own way, in free will in accord with what he has been taught in an ignorance of his True Self, and in an ignorance of the holiness of all things.

If you damn anything, anything at all, you are putting it outside of the Creator. And, as there is nothing that can be outside of the Creator, what you are damning calls you to it, and puts yourself in ignorance, or in a sense of separation – underline the word sense – of the Creator you say you want to be with.”

Paul Selig, in “The Book of Mastery”

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