PONDER on THIS for Thursday, September 29th, 2016 by Heather Elliott in SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY

“Reality is not just happening in your mind – you are actually creating the physical world that matches those thoughts. Because we fell asleep and became unconscious to our role in creating our lives and the truth about how it all works, we fell victim to them. Waking up to the truth will set us free! Your mind is the FILM SCRIPT from which your reality emerges.

Think of your mind like the film in a movie projector. And then think of your observer self – the part of you paying attention to your world – as the projector itself. It is the action of being alive in the world that makes you the observer and, whether you acknowledge it or not, MIND is the film script that it is showing in the theatre of your life. You are, indeed, the most fabulous reality TV show playing – and once you really get this idea, life becomes a whole lot more interesting.

What is Truth, then? Whatever you decide it is!”

Heather Elliott, in “Same Shit, Different Day”

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