PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 by Marianne Williamson in EVERYDAY GRACE

“Everything should be interpreted as love or as a call for love. When someone has not shown us their love, our power lies in knowing that they would have, had they known how. They are not wrong so much as they are wounded, and our role is not to judge them but to heal them. It is in cleaving to our own love that we awaken it in others.

In any situation where love does not rule, affirm that only love is real. Say it, repeat it, chant it like a mantra. Allow it to cast out all thoughts of blame and judgment and fear. Think of the mean-spiritedness of someone, then affirm that only love is real. Watch a horrible story on the TV news, then affirm that only love is real. Feel your own fears about this or that, then affirm that only love is real.

This does not put you in a state of denial, but rather in a state of transcendence. You are not pretending that something is not really happening, but only that is not Really happening. And just as the Wicked Witch of the West disappeared when Dorothy threw water on her, no manifestation of fear will long remain once humanity has risen to the understanding that only love is real.”

Marianne Williamson in “Everyday Grace”

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