BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, November 7th, 2016 by Gregg Braden in THE ISIAH EFFECT

“Viewing ourselves as independent of the world around us has precipitated a sense of separateness, an “in here” versus “out there” attitude. From the time of our childhood, we begin to believe that the world “just happens.”Sometimes good things occur, at other times things that are not so good. Our world appears to happen all around us, often for no apparent reason. In preparing for the what-ifs of life, we spend much of our time building strategies to survive and navigate whatever challenges may come our way. New research into the relationship between the power of our feelings and the chemistry of our bodies suggests that the implications of such “us” and “them” viewpoints are far-reaching, and, at times, unexpected.

Science has demonstrated, for example, that specific feelings produce a predictable chemistry in our bodies that corresponds to that particular feeling. As we change our feelings, we change our chemistry. We literally have what may be viewed as “hate chemistry” “anger chemistry,” “love chemistry,” and so on. Biological expressions of emotion appear in our bodies as the levels of hormones, antibodies, and enzymes present in our state of wellness. Love chemistry, for example, affirms life by optimizing our immune system and the regulatory functions of our body. Conversely, anger, which is sometimes directed inward as guilt, may be expressed as a suppressed immune response.”

Gregg Braden, in “The Isiah Effect”

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