Update: The future of Pondercentral.com

ponderonthis-logo_4_27_16Earlier this year I included a note in a post about potentially ending the “Ponder on This” messages after this year (the 18th) with the decision dependent upon whether enough subscribers actually cared or not whether the service continued. A large number of folks responded and asked me to continue posting the messages, so as is evident I’ve done that throughout this year.

Note that because I’ve had some downtime in my tech writing business the past two months, I took on a major project of building “Ponder on This” messages for all of 2017. I just completed that very lengthy effort the other day with all 2017 posts now loaded to the blog. So, anyone who is currently a subscriber (and new subscribers as well of course) will continue to receive the messages throughout all of next year.

Near the end of 2017 I will decide whether to continue the service in 2018.

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