BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, January 6th, 2017 by Alan Cohen in THE DRAGON DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE

“The only way to find out if the limits under which you have been living are real is to test them. A healthy belief will stand in the face of challenge. Illusions will evaporate. If you do not test your beliefs, they will become your ruler and you their hostage. When you hold your identity as “less-than” up to the light, it will fade into nothingness. It owned you only because you never questioned it. You are bigger than any difficulty that could confront you. Grab it by the tail and you immobilize it. Your moment of upset is your opportunity to reprogram and choose anew.

To be a master, act like one. Assuming greatness is not phony; unworthiness is the imposter. You may have played small for a long time and fallen prey to the hallucination, “I can’t.” But behind every “I can’t” is a “won’t.” When you reach the chalk circle others have drawn around you, keep walking. The moment you look a monster in the eye and demand, “Show me what you really are,” the beast will shapeshift into an ally. Emerson proclaimed, “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.” When dark and light are placed in the same room, light always wins. And because your nature is light, you will triumph over every limit you have learned.”

Alan Cohen, in “The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”

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