BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 by Gregg Braden in THE ISAIAH EFFECT

“Rather than viewing political treaties and military solutions as answers, perhaps now is the time to recognize them as bridges to a new way of thinking. It appears that we have reached a critical time in the evolution of governments and nations, when the pattern of demands followed by force simply does not work the way it did even fifty years ago. The wise use of force may serve us in isolated incidents of short duration.

Each time we apply a military bandage, however, it is akin to placing our finger over a tear in the fabric of a balloon filled with water. What appears to be a “fix” in one place becomes a bulge somewhere else on the balloon. This is precisely the scenario that is unfolding with respect to global politics. To change the conditions that allow war, oppression, and mass suffering, we must change the thinking that has allowed the conditions to be present.”

Gregg Braden, in “The Isaiah Effect”

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