PONDER on THIS for Thursday, May 18th, 2017 by Lynn Grabhorn in EXCUSE ME, YOUR LIFE IS WAITING

“Fearing death is a deplorable learned response we picked up long ago from a bunch of power-hungry fanatics, religious and otherwise, who wanted to play the game of “Let’s Control the Masses.” And they did, brilliantly. Get a bunch of people to fear something like death, and you’ve got them right where you want them – under your oppressive thumb.

That’s how all the stupid rumors about devils and evil and hell and some big judge in the sky got started, by using fear as a mechanism of control. But since energy can’t die, and all of us are most assuredly energy-based, fearing death is nothing but a monumental waste of time that evokes nothing but more negative energy. The sad thing is, we’ve been so cleverly taught to fear death, we’ve totally forgotten how to live.”

Lynn Grabhorn, in “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting”

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