PONDER on THIS for Thursday, May 25th, 2017 by Eugenia Oganova in AWAKENING THE HARMONY WITHIN

“Negative emotional reactions are contagious…Someone blaming an airline and hotel might attract others who also want to blame something for their anger or unhappiness, because blame is easier than responsibility. It takes no effort to blame. But blame can only be generated by an immature part of us – it is the part that is looking for a parent, someone outside of us, to take care of us, and when we do not feel “taken care of” we look for that “parent” to blame.

It is very important to understand, deeply, that there are no “bad events” no matter how difficult they are for us. Instead there are positive or negative reactions to the events.

The harder the event, the more effort it takes to stay positive. One can go through a very difficult illness, or life circumstance, and feel stronger for it, more sure of themselves than ever. The opportunity to reprogram ourselves is there in every moment. All we have to do is remember that it is our perception of the event that determines our choice to react positively or negatively. We must look for the thoughts and beliefs that have generated our perception and start changing them. If this seems too hard right now, then simply go into gratitude – it is a fail-safe for positive emotional reaction. Choosing positive perception benefits us, and others, including the planet.”

Eugenia Oganova, in “Awakening the Harmony Within”

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