PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 by Catherine Ponder in OPEN YOUR MIND TO PROSPERITY

“When you affirm the manifestation of the divine plan for your life, it may begin unfolding quickly. If so, you must be willing to let go of the old and quickly expand into your divine plan, accepting whatever changes are involved in people, environment, and events. As Emerson has stated, “For everything you gain, you lose something.”

However, just the opposite may happen when you begin affirming the divine plan: changes may come slowly or not at all. If your good seems delayed, it may be a matter of “divine timing.” Even though you feel ready for  your new good, the new people and events that are to be connected with your divine plan may not yet have reached their point of fruition in your life. This is the time to declare that the divine plan of your life manifest under “divine timing.” To human sense, that divine timing may seem slow, but when it begins manifesting your new good, it often happens so quickly as to be breathtaking. You must be ready for it when it comes.”

Catherine Ponder, in “Open Your Mind to Prosperity”

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