PONDER on THIS for Thursday, June 8th, 2017 by Alan Cohen in THE DRAGON DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE

“Most people are sleepwalking. Many wander through life in a sort of unconscious state, having some idea of what they do, but not really sure why they are doing it. Mostly, we do what other people do, for we have made gods of popular opinions, beliefs, and actions. We worship the masses instead of the mass. For a long time, I depended on the world to tell me who I was and what to do. After wandering through my life like this for years, I realized that this kind of unchosen living just doesn’t work. When we live in an attempt to fulfill the dreams and desires of others, we may (for a while) succeed in convincing ourselves that we are happy, but sooner or later we must admit that we have our own calling in life.”

Alan Cohen, in “The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”

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