PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 by Sara Chetkin in THE HEALING CURVE

“We’ve all heard the expression, “S/he really pushes my buttons.” Have you ever asked yourself where these “buttons” come from? What part of you do people push against to make you angry or annoyed? If you didn’t have a particular “button,” could they still push it? In other words, if a certain trait no longer irritated you, people wouldn’t have the power to annoy you with it. So, why do some traits bother you and others don’t? The answer is that the only things that really bother you are those things that hit closest to home; and the personality traits in others that hit closest to home are the traits that reveal to you the aspects of yourself that you are trying so hard to conceal.

We all want to be respected and loved, and most of us are afraid, deep down, that we do not deserve the love and the respect we crave. So, we try our best to present a perfect image to the world; one we think if as worthy of all the good in the world. We expend a great deal of energy every day creating these guises of perfection. Think of it. It takes far more energy to uphold a lie that it does to just tell the truth. Think of the tension that is associated with telling a lie. Think of the release/relief that comes with telling the truth.”

Sara Chetkin, in “The Healing Curve”

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