PONDER on THIS for Thursday, August 10th, 2017 by Donald Altman in THE MINDFULNESS CODE

“Being mindful in relationships can be difficult, especially because it often reveals the truth of the relationships. What do we do when we learn that our partner isn’t caring or committed to the relationship? We can deny the truth and construct a fantasy relationship, or we can apply mindfulness to see and fully accept a relationship for what it is – without blaming or judging the relationship or the other person involved. Once freed from our judgment, this person, too, may become more open and less resentful.

In relationships, as in all systems in nature, a change in one part of the system affects the whole system. Intentionally Centering Attention Now lets us notice the changes and appreciate them for the treasures they bring, recognizing that relationships are fragile and impermanent. Tend to each person in your life as you would an acorn you plant. Water and nurture that seedling without expectations, and let it grow into the Oak tree it is meant to be.”

Donald Altman, in “The Mindfulness Code”

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