PONDER on THIS for Thursday, November 9th, 2017 by Tony Burroughs in THE LAW OF AGREEMENT

“We have been led to believe that we have no other options; that we must put up with present-day rulers and leaders who are completely devoid of conscience; that we must forever live in a world where killing and suffering continue unabated. But this is simply not true, and it isn’t for our Highest Good. It is in the Highest Good that each and every man, woman, and child who treads this Earth is given free rein to lovingly pursue his or her total fulfillment without interruption or distraction.

Change is imminent. The days of waiting and procrastinating are over. The Highest Good is calling, now, for us to bring forth a world of love, a world where we look back upon these chaotic times and thank our lucky stars that they are finally over because we woke up and said, “Enough!” We no longer agree with anyone would advocate anything less than complete and lasting peace for all mankind.”

Tony Burroughs, in “The Law of Agreement”

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