“Ponder on This” in 2018

Last year at this time I was considering ending the “Ponder on This” messages at the close of 2016, but after numerous subscribers wrote to request that the service continue, I decided to continue posting them for all of 2017. Now that this year is drawing to a close, I’ve made the decision to continue posting the messages through all of 2018 and up until at least March 18 of 2019, a date that would mark 20 full years of sharing this content.

With that announcement made, please note I’ve also decided to go to a “Best of” format for all posts that will begin in January 2018, although there may be times when I’ll use a “fresh” Ponder message; we’ll see. Note also that the “Best of” messages that I will post in 2018 will be ones that were originally posted in 2007, so while some long-term subscribers may recognize some of them, for later subscribers the content will be completely new.

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