PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 by Wayne W. Dyer in THERE’S A SPIRITUAL SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM

“It is important here to remember that energy has a frequency. In the frequency of despair the energy is low and you feel depressed or upset. “I’m feeling down today,” describes the despair you feel when your energy is in these low frequencies. As long as you remain in that lowered frequency you will continue to attract more of that kind of energy. People who live in a constant state of mental despair never allow themselves to speed up and experience the faster higher frequencies which lead all the way to spiritual energy. Instead they fuel their low and slow energy by processing almost every event from a pessimistic viewpoint.

As soon as you identify with “Life is difficult,” that is precisely what your experience has to be. As always, the central law of the universe prevails, “As you think, so shall you be.”

Wayne W. Dyer, in “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem”

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