BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, January 25th, 2018 by Robert H. and Jeanette C. Lauer in WATERSHEDS

“There is an old story about a man who wrote to the department of agriculture in his state to find out how to cope with the crabgrass that was spoiling his lawn. The department responded with a number of suggestions. The man tried them all, but he could not completely eliminate the crabgrass. Exasperated, he wrote the department again, noting that every method they had suggested had failed. His yard was still riddled with crabgrass. He got back a short reply, “We suggest you learn to love it.”

That is the art of re-framing, redefining something so that it is no longer as problematic. It isn’t the situation that has changed, of course; it is your perspective on the situation.”

Robert H. and Jeanette C. Lauer, in “Watersheds”

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