BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, April 27th, 2018 by Neale Donald Walsch in CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, BOOK 2

Neale Donald Walsch: You call our theologies insane but how can any theology work without a system of Reward and Punishment?

God: Everything depends on what you perceive to be the purpose of life and therefore the basis of the theology. If you believe life exists as a test, a trial, a period of putting you through your paces to see if you are “worthy,” your theologies begin to make sense. If you believe that life exists as an opportunity, a process through which you discover, remember that you are worthy (and always have been), then your theologies seem insane.

If you believe God is an ego-filled God who requires attention, adoration, appreciation, and affection and will kill to get it your theologies start to hold together. If you believe that God is without ego or need, but the creator of all beings, and the seat of all wisdom and love, then your theologies fall apart.

If you believe that God is a vengeful God, jealous in His love, and wrathful in His anger, then your theologies are perfect. If you believe God is a peaceful God, joyous in Her love and passionate in Her ecstasy, then your theologies are useless.

I tell you this: the purpose of life is not to please God. The purpose of life is to know, and to recreate Who You Are. In so doing, you do please God, and Glorify Her as well.”

Neale Donald Walsch, in ” Conversations With God, Book 2″

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