BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 by Marianne Williamson in EVERYDAY GRACE

“While we instinctively understand the power of prayer when there is a problem, we tend to underestimate its power when there is not. We don’t usually stop to say a prayer before the meeting, or before the date, or before the relationship gets going. We think, “Why should I say a prayer now? There’s no problem!” But the sly and insidious ego is always on the alert for ways to separate the children of God, just as God is always on the alert for ways to reconnect our hearts. Prayer has a way of rendering the ego powerless, reminding the mind of our eternal innocence. And therein lies our salvation.

Relationships are where the ego seeks to do battle with the will of God. In reality there is no battle, for those whom God had joined together – cannot be put asunder. It is only our thinking that we are separate from others that dooms us to conflict and struggle and pain.”

Marianne Williamson, in “Everyday Grace”

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