BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, October 4th, 2018 by Sonia Choquette in TRUE BALANCE

“Just as a closed heart causes problems, so does one that is too wide open. Such a heart causes people to be overly sensitive to the energy of those around them, so much so that they actually absorb other peoples’ energy. This can be psychically and physically draining, especially when the energy is dissonant or angry. When you are overly empathic, the resonance you feel with others is non-selective. If someone is happy, you feel happy. If someone is miserable, you feel miserable. You are at the mercy of feeling whatever anyone else is feeling, whether you want to or not. It’s as if you were a lighting rod in an electrical storm. If energy is being discharged, you attract it…

Though we may tell ourselves that absorbing another’s hurt is kind and loving, in fact it is really an attempt to relieve our own discomfort. If we are loving, we realize that all of life’s experiences, even the painful ones, need to be honored, and that we need to stay in our own energy field. We must not try to control outcomes or assume we even have a right to get involved. We all need our experiences in order to learn. If we attempt to tamper with those of others, even with the best of intentions, we may be setting them back on their path.”

Sonia Choquette, in “True Balance”

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