PONDER on THIS for Friday, October 19, 2018 by Danielle Rama Hoffman in THE COUNCIL OF LIGHT

Compiler’s Note: I was inspired to share this “fresh” Ponder on This message today  after I came across it in this book last night.

“We know that there is always a focus on getting somewhere. You want to move from where you are to where you would like to be. We would invite you to shift from this focus of getting somewhere to allowing and remembering that you are already there: there is here. For now just let go of the idea of needing to get somewhere or achieve something and resurrect from within your own awareness the infinite possibilities of already being there. Imagine that you are already fully realized, you are already in a state of ecstatic bliss, you are already experiencing joy, and you are already awakened. By bringing this vibration of already being there, of arriving and of remembering, it allows those things to be in the same location as you. It brings them into the present moment.

As we mentioned, our purpose is to enhance joy and through this enhancement of joy there is an enhancement of vitality, of vibration, and of vibrancy that rolls over into a sense of happiness, peace and fulfillment. Opening up to the joy that you already are allows you to be in the same location as those things that you have been seeking or trying to find. Have a sense that you are already there. In this transmission you are becoming current with who you are. It is the concept of being in ease and grace that allows that which you have become to be in the same location as you.

Seeking, striving, and going after is like trying to grasp an inflatable beach ball that is floating on the surface in a pool or ocean; all the energy of trying to grasp it ends up pushing the ball further away. If you are in the energy of striving, in the energy of trying to get somewhere in your life, there is a pushing away of that which you are seeking. This is different than expanding into the now moment.”

Danielle Rama Hoffman, in “The Council of Light”

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