BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, December 20th, 2018 by Asara Lovejoy in THE ONE COMMAND

“You have a thought and a desire of something that you want or something that you believe, and as you emotionally place your attention on those thoughts, they activate all of your body, mind, and spirit to be in compliance. Energetically, at all times, you are thinking unconscious thoughts that are driving your wants and needs. Your thinking continues while awake or asleep. A belief is an idea about you and others, and about the world that creates the lens of your focus.

If you are thinking a limiting thought, then that is the only thought that may be made manifest as a reflection of you. If you are focused on a greater idea, then that idea must manifest instead.

When you have a thought, limited or expansive, and the desire for some good, or a fear of something bad, you are radiating that thought out into all dimensions of your being and in consciousness to the world. When you are radiating your thoughts with your emotional feelings about what you desire or fear, then those emotional thoughts reach every level of your being, from the DNA to your Source Mind.”

Asara Lovejoy, in “The One Command”

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