PONDER on THIS for Monday, February 4th, 2019 by Jill Turland in GETTING BACK ON TRACK

Compiler’s Note: This “Ponder” message is a bit longer than the typical daily post because I just finished this book and really felt that all of this information was important to share today. I highly recommend this book for any subscriber who has an interest in alternative healing, and homeopathy in particular, as it is chock full of valuable information and fascinating case studies of how homeopathy was used to bring healing to both acute and long-standing chronic conditions. I found it truly fascinating.

“Conscious thought plus the energy of emotions creates the nature of our reality, our physical form and all our environmental circumstances. We are the totality of our thinking, our ideas and imaginings, acted upon by our emotional energy to give them manifestation…. No thought or idea is of any value without the application of an emotion to activate it. All the great geniuses of all time would have gone unnoticed if their emotions had not been brought into use; enthusiasm, joy, excitement, courage, confidence, love have all been employed to bring the thoughts into reality.

In the same way, thoughts can be of undesirable happenings, destruction and devastation, accidents, misfortunes of any conceivable kind. These thoughts also pass out of the mind without changing anything unless an emotion is attached to them. Where the emotion is excitement (joy at the idea of war is common enough, horror fear makes no difference – the thought begins the process of manifesting on the physical plane.

Imagine the chaos if every thought you ever had became a reality? Thank God, we have an inner-censor that can choose whether or not to be fired up by an idea. Most of our thoughts are fairly emotionless. But some are coloured by experiences and beliefs and stir up feelings – fear, envy, grief, resentment, anger and so on – which have no option but to result in a physical event. It is a law of life – mind plus emotion creates your reality on the physical plane.

And what does this really mean? It means that most of the time, most of us (if not all) are sparking from emotions relating to a whole range of false ideas, old guilts, griefs and fears, social programming and conditioning, and we are living in a false concept of life. We have had so much wool pulled over our eyes by our experiences and social influences that we cannot see the truth that would set us free, so we create and perpetuate physical ill health.

The fact is that life is seen as a duality of light and dark, good and evil, black and white, love and fear, joy and depression, God and the Devil, positive and negative. But the reality is that these are concepts devised by man, without knowledge of the Law. The Law is of universal unity.”

Jill Turland, in “Getting Back On Track”

For more information about this book please visit the author’s website. Subscribers in the U.S. can purchase this book on Amazon.

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