BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, March 18th, 2019 by Gloria Wendroff in HEAVENLETTERS

Compiler’s Note: Today marks the 20th anniversary of “Ponder on This”.

“All the times you have said that, if you were God, you would design a different world. Confess. You have ideas for what you would add, and what you would take away, but upon what are your ideas based? Momentary fears, regrets, wishes, but they are not enough to build a world upon. Perhaps you would design a laid-out world, one with no uncertainty, totally mapped out, no wrong turns, one filled with flowers, an easy life, joy and never pain, health and never sickness, truth and never false, life only, never death. That is the world I designed, but you have not seen it so.

You would have designed a world without dirt so you would never have to clean, but what would food grow in? In what soil would only flowers grow? And the good weeds that do, what in your plan would replace them? Tell me, how far can limited thinking take you?

And so, I remind you that I am looking out for you every minute, and I know what I am doing.”

Gloria Wendroff, in “Heavenletters”

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