BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, April 25th, 2019 by Gloria Wendroff in HEAVENLETTERS

“You make too many demands. That is the same as to say that you try to take control. Any personal control you take is too much. You even control you letting go of control. You order its release, but you order it only so far. You still keep your eye on it. Your attention is more on control than it is on being. You cannot be into your beingness and control at the same time.

You order outcomes. Ordering a particular outcome denies you others. Control is holding on to your desire rather than allow it to fulfill itself. You do not have to order the dawn of the day. The sun comes without your control. You do not order the rose to bloom. It blooms from its own bloomability.

The most beautiful things are those that you do not try to control, or even imagine to control. The most beautiful events happen as if on their own. Love comes on its own. It bids itself to come. I have set everything in motion, and you must allow it to be what it is and reach where it will.”

Gloria Wendroff, in “Heavenletters”

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